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Managing employees of even just ONE is  demanding and time consuming not to mention requires extensive expertise given the compliance connected, so I welcome you to your expert, online Human Resources  Professional Support site!  One stop for all of your needs related to managing your employees. Committed to the highest levels of client services, integrity, expertise and quality!

This site is different than others, JBM is committed to educating business owners and leaders on best practices in managing employees or often referred to as Human Resources (HR).  One of the first things to consider is  whether you are in compliance.  While we have a comprehensive tool to identify areas of vulnerability, take a look at our FREE HR Assessment in FREE TOOLS section of this website.  Experience a FREE webinar, with some tips on Motivating Employees proven to be highly effective.  Have an employee issue but not sure you want to invest in extensive consulting use our NEW  HR Support NOW!  Finally...check out our FREE educational videos through the Blog section pon this site. Videos are updated weekly.

We are a one of a kind "Virtual" HR Department with a "personal" touch.  Some of our convenient tools are most commonly needed;

  • Serving as your  HR Consultant - JBM works with small businesses as their "on call" HR Expert.  This has been invaluable to my clients, reducing stress, improving compliance and most important, effectively handling all aspects of managing employees.  See our consulting retainer options.  (please note, installment payment options are available for this service)
  • Employee handbook , this downloadable product written by an expert in the field, current changes included as of Fall 2015 for 2016 and of course proven best practices, allows you to completely customize it according to your style, including management practices recognizing that extensive expertise has gone into carefully writing the content that is required.  Be cautious of FREE handbooks, you get what you pay for!  Beyond that and most importantly is our webinar and consulting services options to guide you through a complete, compliant process.  How you use this important tool can be even more important than what's in it...without such guidance, it can be a "risky" tool.  Check out our cost effective packages under "Products".
  • Effective hiring strategies including comprehensive interview questions including "red flags" so you know what types of responses are positive and those that require more questioning.  Step by step best practice processes.  Important interview process Do's and Don'ts.
  • Writing compliant job descriptions , the most important tool for compliance related to job classifications, clear communications on expectations and performance evaluation criteria
  • Managing employees- best practices on managing and retaining the best employees - you are not alone on this.  Don't agonize over the best ways of handling employees.  Seek JBM's help!
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If you don't see what you need, guaranteed we have it and will make it available!  Customization is a priority!  Also, installment payment options are available for some of the services provided such as consulting.  Contact JBM for details. 

Unlike other HR resources sites, JBM is the only person that you will ever be dealing with so you are guaranteed consistency, quality and experience. JBM's expansive industry/client base contibutes to the focus and knowledge related to best practices and sustainable results.

Our FAQ's are a great way to familiarize yourself with areas that you may not have known are important for you to consider managing your employees.

Learning, educating and supporting the HR function is our goal! JBM of HR Websource has over 25 years of experience. We fully understand the needs of businesses, large and small! We have responded to this in yet another way, this desktop resource site!

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 Partner Package!

As a partner you will not only obtain products but one to one direct consulting services from JBM from an experienced HR professional with a reputation of providing "best practices" in managing your employees!

Join this elite group of business owners and professionals. Not only will you have ability for one to one consulting when your employment questions arise but you will have opportunities to "chat" and collaborate with other business owners through multiple methods such as website chats and social media.

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New: HR Support NOW!

Do you have an HR question or pressing need that you need a quick answer for? We offer this quick consulting option to be there for you when you need a quick answer. You can expect an expert response from JBM within 24 hours via e-mail. This equates to just $50 for a half hour consulting block!

 Take a look at those that have benefitted from JBM's Consulting services from both her traditional and online options.  Some Clients, past and present .  Client service is an absolute priority with JBM, hear from a few of JBM's clients about the level of expertise and services through testimonials to the right on this page!

DISLCAIMER:  All information on this site and downloaded from this site is provided ONLY to paying clients.  Sharing of any content with others is absolutely forbidden.  Please note, JBM is not an attorney, documents prepared are based on best understanding of legal implications in the workplace and best practices.  Seek legal review of all written documentation once prepared for your organization. 

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