How do you know your organization and business management practices are "healthy" and compliant?  When is the last time you actually took the time to find out?

It is important to determine the true "health" of an organization or business. Evaluating how well an organization is managed and assessing compliance are key areas to ensure business success and to reduce liabilities. Assessments are among the list of "Client Favorites"!

All too often, businesses and organizations will indicate they have strong management practices and the paperwork to back it up, but when we assess what is actually in place, many critical elements are missing. Such elements are important for compliance and effective HR management practices.

Many common areas needing attention:

Comprehensive Human Resources Practices Assessment

A client favorite, this assessment allows you to determine where you may be most vulnerable with regard to HR compliance. An excellent tool to identify areas of most vulnerability. | Learn More...


Recordkeeping Assessment

This assessment provides a comprehensive review of your records management practices. | Learn More...


Personality Trait Assessment

This assessment is most useful for professional development, leadership development, succession planning and extremely helpful when assessing candidates that "best" fit your culture and the open positions. | Learn More...


Workplace Violence Prevention Assessment

With the rising incidents of violence in the workplace, it is imperative that leaders/business owners do whatever possible to prevent it. | Learn More...


What our clients are saying...

"When busy with appointments all day, it is difficult to take the time to deal with employee-related issues.  I have realized that hiring an HR expert is the answer and dollars well spent. JBM Consulting provides the solutions I need to respond to all related employment matters."

Dr. Theordore J. Jenkins, Prosthodontist