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This assessment is most useful for professional development, leadership development, succession planning and extremely helpful when assessing candidates that "best" fit your culture and the open positions.  Feel free to submit any questions you may have related to the assessment offerings that will be most useful for your needs.  Client favorite!

Professional assessments of this nature focus on those behaviors that provide us with innate ability to succeed in certain settings and in certain positions. Such assessments also help one to find those areas to improve as a professional by identifying how one's behavior styles can be modified for optimal success.

Some of the Benefits of Personality Assessments

In order to do so, we need to know more about innate strengths, interests and abilities. We lose site of this over time and realize we are frustrated with different aspects of our work life and not sure why.

Personality assessments can help you determine the right career or job for you, using the *D.I.S.C. profiles.

*D.I.S.C. Assessment

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Personality Trait Assessment


What our clients are saying...

"Right from the start, Jeannine Brown Miller - Professional Coach impressed the group of executives at Career Partner International (CPI) with her professional, efficient and compassionate manner, combined with years of experience and expertise which allowed her to provide helpful and knowledgeable insights - an approach that inspired motivation and confidence, something that we all needed at that time. When I approached Jeannine and requested a one-on-one coaching session; the response was immediate and positive. Jeannine in her professional and compassionate manner listened keenly, reviewed my professional documents, provided honest feedback, prompted me to go outside of my comfort zone and explore other career opportunities. Jeannine also provided me with network referrals. Jeannine always stands by whatever she commits to - she is trustworthy and reliable. Jeannine's postings are motivational and thought provoking. It was a great pleasure working with her."

Janet Layton, Business Systems Executive