Workplace Violence Prevention Assessment

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Workplace Violence Prevention Assessment

With the rising incidents of violence in the workplace, it is imperative that leaders/business owners do whatever possible to prevent it.

What constitutes workplace violence?

There are essentially four (4) levels:

Level 1 Criminal Intent - this is where there is no known connection with workplace but someone enters to commit roberry or other crime

Level 2 - Customer/Client/Patient - violence directed at employees by those the organization provides service to

Level 3 - Co-Worker - violence against co-qorker, supervisor, manager, business owner by a present or former employee

Level 4 -  Personal - Violence in workplace by someone who doesn't work there but has a personal relationship with an employee such as domestic violence

Think about the tragedies in Newtown, Ct, Webster, NY, Theater and mall one is immune to the potential of such violence. Be prepared!

The following are the requirements of a good Workplace Violence Prevention Program:

Workplace Violence Prevention Assessment


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