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HR Websource is not a legal service, however, we provide tools and resources that can be reviewed by your legal counsel.  This link is offered to you as a courtesy service for your convenience for access to important legal sites.

Employment law changes frequently. For your convenience, HR Websource links you directly to the sources of Employment law, ensuring you have the latest version.

Every employer, despite the size, has at least eleven (11) employment laws that must be adhered to. The larger the organization, the more governing. Take the time to determine the laws that govern your business. Please note also that each state has their own set of employment laws. So be sure you seek out those laws that are covered by your state in order to ensure complete compliance. When you write any handbook policy or implement new practices, be sure you fully understand the laws. For your convenience, the links below will guide you through state and federal laws your organization needs to abide by. Click on the links below for comprehensive information on employment laws:

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Required Federal Postings

Required State postings

EEOC Enforcement Guidance

EEOC with GINA &  EEOC with GINA poster

DOL Wage and Hour Laws - overtime laws

Fair Credit Reporting Act  

US Citizenship & Immigration Services I-9

I-9 Form updated May 2013

Employment Law listing

Federal Employment Laws

FMLA Compliance

State Employment Laws

Taxable fringe benefit guide

OSHA Compliance

OSHA Forms


US Department of Labor - compliance assistance, wages, work hours, workers compensation, workplace safety  & health, youth & labor

US Department of Labor Recordkeeping Link 

NYS Wage & Hours FAQ's

Wage Theft Protection Act - FAQ's


Common Regulatory Topics of Interest:  

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