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Worried about hiring practices?

These and so many other types of questions are on the minds of most hiring managers.  Compliance is an issue...quality is an issue.  The selection process is one of the top three critical roles for any business owner or hiring manager.  If you do not hire the right person, the cost in time and effective productivity is high.

This section includes:

 Hiring is the single most important process in any organization or business. The information in this section is comprehensive.

Poor hiring practices can lead to poor match of person to the job as well as legal implications. Hiring mistakes are costly on all levels.

Take the time to do this well and in a compliant manner.

This section is full of significant assistance on the hiring process: the how to's, the legal guidelines, and the tools that are important to ensure the proper hire.  

HR Websource provides you with tools that will guide you through the details of position description writing critical to complete before any hiring: hiring checklist, sample interview questions, as well as a comprehensive webinar on all important issues related to hiring!


Hiring Smart


What our clients are saying...

"In her time at Niagara, Jeannine has overseen the growth of the HR office from an initial two-person operation into a full-service department with a staff of five, offering a full range of services. Just this year, the department was selected by the Buffalo Niagara Human Resources Association
to receive its annual HR excellence award."

Joseph L. Levesque, C.M., President, Niagara University