HR Solutions

So often a business or organization isn't sure what they need and how to find what they need. HR Websource has done that for you.

Through our "solutions" we have offered you the most important policies, practices and services you need to ensure sound HR management despite.

We further have organized these "solutions" to address your business based on employee size, which is generally how state and federal laws apply.

As with any HR practices, implementation and written documents which can be binding in nature, we recommend you seek legal counsel.

HR Basics Solutions- Employee Handbooks, Job Description Writing, Performance Evaluations

All too often businesses believe they are small and do not need to have formal structures in place. That's your first mistake. | Learn More...


Small Business Solution (Less than 50 employees)

The Basics to Sound HR practices...Regardless of the number of employees you have, there are some basic HR tools that you need to have in place. | Learn More...


Mid Size Business Solution (50+ employees)

Compliance becomes more and more important as you increase number of employees. Responding to client needs means everything, this bundle is ideal for those businesses that have more than 50 employees. Comprehensive, easy to use tools, templates and webinars for understanding. | Learn More...


Talent Management Solution

Managing "talent" relates to hiring right, evaluating performance and keeping them motivated and satisfied to optimize performance | Learn More...


Basic Compliance Solution - Small Business Owners

The basics of ensuring compliance for those that do not know where to begin! | Learn More...


What our clients are saying...

“I first met Jeannine when she was Director of Human Resources at Niagara University. Since then, I have been delighted to recommend her to organizations seeking a 'true' Human Resource professional. She is an extremely sensitive, caring individual who will add enormous value to any organization at every level. I am also honored to be able to call her a friend.”

- Dr. Edward Friel, Expert in Residence, Niagara University