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Job description writing - Job Analysis

It is vital that organization management and employees understand the scope and details related to any one job. Many find this a task that seems daunting...we make it easy! | Learn More...


Sample Interview Questions/Hiring Checklist

This section will provide you with a series of interview questions that will be useful depending on the type of position as well as a "hiring checklist" to keep you on track with proper hiring procedures. Consistency in hiring matters! | Learn More...


Performance Appraisal Templates

You think you don't need performance measurements? Think again...Large or small business...Performance evaluations are one of the most important tools any business owner, supervisor or manager has in any organization. | Learn More...


Record File Audit Checklist

This tool will provide you with the types of items you need to consider for both electronic and paper files. It also includes an important Department of Labor Recordkeeping Link. | Learn More...


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