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It is vital that organization management and employees understand the scope and details related to any one job. Many find that this is a seemingly daunting task. We make it easy!

Why do you need job descriptions? Beyond compliance factors?

Hiring & Retention of employees

  1. Identify specific position needs, goals
  2. Focus on skills, education, experience required
  3. Strengthen your legal defensibility
  4. DOL job classifications are required..we provide the guidelines to classify positions
  5. Reduce stress of workforce by having clear-cut and mutual expectations
  6. Reduce voluntary, avoidable turnover through a strong hiring process that begins with strong job descriptions

This section provides:

  • Comprehensive series of tools and templates related to position description writing and position classifications per FLSA standards
  • Position description writing procedure
  • Template to write positions called Position Description Questionnaires (PDQ).  This template eases the stress of wondering what to include in each job description providing explanations to guide you through
  • Job analysis checklist and procedures
  • Sample job descriptions that will provide you with a template to follow when creating your final copy taking the information from the PDQ to final format
  • Job classification guidance (exempt/non exempt) important to ensure DOL mandates related


Job description writing - Job Analysis


Job description writing is difficult. 

Job descriptions need to be detailed, functional and ADA compliant, include BFOQ's

Are yours compliant? 

If not..stop right now...we have made this easy...

This section includes proven effective methods of writing descriptions from templates to guide the process to samples of job descriptions for your use.

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