HR Websource offers a wide variety of solutions to meet your specific needs.  We offer our content in 3 different ways: solutions, packages, and a la carte.

HR Solutions

So often a business or organization isn't sure what they need and how to find what they need. HR Websource has done that for you.  Through our "solutions" we have offered you the most important policies, practices and services you need to ensure sound HR management despite.  We further have organized these "solutions" to address your business based on employee size, which is generally how state and federal laws apply.  As with any HR practices, implementation and written documents which can be binding in nature, we recommend you seek legal counsel.

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HR Tool Packages

Within each content area, HR Websource provides a comprehensive approach to providing support as you move to work through this yourself. In any given package there are tools, guidelines, checklists, webinars and more. We also sell individual tools separately, so see what works best for your needs and budget.

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A La Carte

Most of our products can be purchased individually, so you only need to pay for what you need.  This is particularly useful for our Tools and Templates, Webinars, and Assessments.  Feel free to explore HR Websource's HR Solutions and Tool Packages, and as you browse, you'll see the ability to purchase items individually.

What our clients are saying...

"When busy with appointments all day, it is difficult to take the time to deal with employee-related issues.  I have realized that hiring an HR expert is the answer and dollars well spent. JBM Consulting provides the solutions I need to respond to all related employment matters."

Dr. Theordore J. Jenkins, Prosthodontist