Online Consulting - HR Expertise at your fingertips or just a phone call away!

Services » Online Consulting - HR Expertise at your fingertips or just a phone call away!

Don't feel all alone out there!!

HR Websource is partnering with you and is available to you to ease your mind as you need the support and expertise!

HR Websource provides consulting opportunities online for those individuals whom have HR related questions that are known to be effectively handled in this manner. This option allows you access to professional expertise when you need it. Such a service allows you to have another ear, even to just bounce an idea around with.  JBM of HR Websource has years of experience handling complex employee related issues, which have improved organizational practices in companies across New York State!

Exemplary business professionals know that important resources such as time and cost are significant issues for employers. Appropriate levels of HR knowledge & expertise are necessary for the well-being of your organizational practices.

There when you need it, HR Websource IS your online consulting solution!

How does this type of consulting work?

Consulting will be online, however telephone consultations are also available by calling (716) 946-8381 OR use our contact form for your submission!

Consulting Time Options - should you have any questions about how this works go to Questions

Option 1 - Includes up to 5 hours of online consulting/year


Option 2 - Includes up to 15 hours of online consulting/year


Option 3 - Includes up to 35 hours of online consulting/year


Consulting time can be through any of the following methods of communication: video chat, email, telephone, contact form, or any other contact with HR consultant.






What our clients are saying...

"Right from the start, Jeannine Brown Miller - Professional Coach impressed the group of executives at Career Partner International (CPI) with her professional, efficient and compassionate manner, combined with years of experience and expertise which allowed her to provide helpful and knowledgeable insights - an approach that inspired motivation and confidence, something that we all needed at that time. When I approached Jeannine and requested a one-on-one coaching session; the response was immediate and positive. Jeannine in her professional and compassionate manner listened keenly, reviewed my professional documents, provided honest feedback, prompted me to go outside of my comfort zone and explore other career opportunities. Jeannine also provided me with network referrals. Jeannine always stands by whatever she commits to - she is trustworthy and reliable. Jeannine's postings are motivational and thought provoking. It was a great pleasure working with her."

Janet Layton, Business Systems Executive